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Insights & Commentary

Each of MainStay's boutique managers has its unique focus, process, and philosophy, as well as independent views on the markets and economy. To help you better understand today's investment landscape, our portfolio managers give their insights and perspectives on a wide variety of topics.


Market Commentary

  • Investment Review & Outlook
    Top Five Municipal Market Insights for 2018    
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  • Market Update
    MainStay Market Monitor—Floating Rate Update  
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Investment Perspectives

  • Insights Series
    Blog: Specter of Inflation Should Trigger Look at Commodity Exposure    
    White Paper: Have We Hit an Inflection Point?    
    White Paper: Convertible Securities    
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  • Core Investment Concepts
    Secular Shift Driving Energy Renaissance - Investment
    White Paper: Short Duration High Yield    

  • Investing Opportunity (Why Now?)
    Unconstrained Fixed Income for Today's Bond Market Challenges    


Product Commentary

  • Equity
    MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund    

  • Fixed Income
    MainStay MacKay High Yield Corporate Bond Fund    
    MainStay MacKay Total Return Bond Fund    
    MainStay MacKay Unconstrained Bond Fund    

  • Mixed Asset Funds
    MainStay Income Builder Fund