Winslow Capital Investment Team

Winslow Capital Management, LLC

Founded in 1992, Winslow Capital Management, LLC specializes in managing growth portfolios for institutional investors. Winslow Capital currently manages assets for mutual fund shareholders, institutional and corporate investors, and SMA and UMA platforms for multiple sponsors.


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  • Investment Process

    Winslow's investment process is fundamentally driven with an underlying valuation discipline. The team takes a "bottom-up" approach, basing decisions primarily on company-specific factors rather than general economic conditions.

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  • Strategy

    Winslow Capital's portfolios focus on growth stock portfolios. These include companies that demonstrate long-term sustainable earnings growth, quality companies with cyclical growth in the right part of the cycle, and companies in newer industries with rapid growth potential.

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  • Investment Team

    The investment team has used the same philosophy and process since April 1, 1999. They are seasoned professionals with an average of 26 years of analytical experience. Furthermore, each Portfolio Manager has a background in equity research, which is important as the team conducts their own research rather than relying on third party research.

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