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IndexIQ is a pioneer and leading issuer of alternative exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on absolute return and real assets strategies. IndexIQ’s solutions are offered as ETFs, mutual funds, separate accounts, and ETF model portfolios.

Founded upon cutting-edge academic research, our mission is to take indexing to the next level by combining the best attributes of both passive and active investing to provide all investors with cost-effective access to the types of sophisticated investment products that typically have been reserved for institutional and ultra high-net-worth investors. Investors benefit from our expertise in alternative investments and ETFs, as well as from IndexIQ's product development capabilities and thought-leadership. The result is a suite of low-cost alternative investment strategies for all investors.


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  • ETF Strategies

    IndexIQ offers next generation alternative investments that are liquid, transparent, and low cost. Our ETF-based strategies help fill an industry gap, offering investors access to lower cost, non-correlated investment solutions.¹

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  • Investment Team

    IndexIQ's management team is comprised of seasoned executives with a long track record of success in developing and distributing innovative investment solutions designed to serve the needs of investors.

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1. IndexIQ’s ETF holdings are available daily on IndexIQ’s web site. Brokerage commissions apply to ETFs. ETFs are liquid in that they are exchange-traded.