Cushing Asset Management, LP

Investment Process

Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of Cushing’s investment process. Their research and investment team leverages their collective experience, quantitative capabilities, and qualitative perspective gained through prior industry positions and longstanding professional relationships with companies in the firm’s investment universe.

Cushing’s “bottom-up,” detailed financial analysis of companies shapes their investment strategies. The team employs proprietary tools to analyze risk, exposure, and macro market fundamentals. With firsthand industry experience and deep market knowledge, Cushing’s investment team is uniquely qualified to build solid portfolios designed to provide exposure to energy, transportation, industrial, and manufacturing companies benefitting from the U.S. Energy Renaissance.

The investment strategies, practices, and risk analysis used by the sub advisor may not produce the desired results.

The U.S. Energy Renaissance Thesis Spans Across the Energy Value Chain

The U.S. Energy Renaissance Thesis Spans Across the Energy Value Chain
and into Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transportation Sectors
Investing in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transportation Sectors
  • Upstream “Owning”
    Exploration and production companies primarily engaged in the production and development of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.
  • Midstream “Moving”
    Transportation and storage companies focused on transporting, processing and storing crude oil, refined productions, natural gas liquids, and natural gas.
  • Downstream “Using”
    End users are companies using and upgrading hydrocarbons for sale and use by retail and industrial users.
  • U.S. Industrial, Manufacturing, and Transportation Sectors
    U.S. industrial, manufacturing, and transportation companies expected to benefit from lower energy and commodity costs compared to global costs.
  • Deep Fundamental Research - The firm’s relentless research culture is focused on performing detailed and comprehensive company analyses, to identify opportunities in energy MLPs and related companies.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management - Cushing’s proprietary risk management tools include the assessment of the econometric make-up of MLPs, which is critical to understanding potential risks to investing in these securities.
  • Diverse Professionals - One of the most experienced and knowledgeable investment teams in the business, members have diverse backgrounds that have prepared them for this specialized profession.