Keeping Yourself Current

Over the years, you've undoubtedly accumulated numerous financial accounts, some of which you may have forgotten about. Perhaps you have a long dormant IRA, or a 401(k) account from when you worked for a previous employer. Maintaining a current record of all of your financial assets and where your critical documents are kept is extremely important and can help you and your loved ones in the case of an emergency.

Whether you are nearing retirement, relocating, caring for an aging loved one, or experiencing a death in the family, events can send you into a document search that can be both frustrating and time consuming. Because we don’t tend to document everything we have or might need to prepare for such events, unexpected circumstances send most of us into a document search tailspin!

While it will take some time to initially compile your important information, from that point on it's relatively easy to keep this information up-to-date. To make the process easier, MainStay has developed its RetirementFolio Checklist and LifeFolio Checklist.

RetirementFolio Checklist

The RetirementFolio Checklist is designed to help you and your financial professional take the first steps toward collecting the critical documents and data you’ll both need to create and maintain your retirement plan. The checklist includes a comprehensive listing of your assets and liabilities.

LifeFolio Checklist

The LifeFolio Checklist will help you and your family organize the key aspects of your life in an easy-to-complete way that you can share with those close to you, as well as your financial professional, attorney, accountant, and your executor.

Action Steps

To start the process of compiling a record of your financial and personal data, see the RetirementFolio Checklist and the LifeFolio Checklist above or on the right-hand side of the page. Both checklists include useful tips and suggestions to help you with the process. When completed, schedule a meeting with your financial professional to discuss your information.