Celebrate the Day

Everyone likes it when someone does something nice for them, and your clients are no different! Taking the extra effort to make another person feel special -- and doing it genuinely and sincerely -- can transform your business. Connecting with your clients on a personal level can help to cement existing relationships and establish the foundation needed to build new ones. Need some fresh ideas? We can help!

Connect with a targeted number

Ideally, you would connect with your entire client list – but is that realistic? In the long-run, a more targeted number would be more manageable and effective. Who you connect with is up to you, but it may make sense to start with your best clients – the ones who are essential to your business. “Essential” can mean asset level, referral potential, new money potential, or simply the amount of time you’ve known the person.


Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you need to find a way to reach out and connect. Traditional holidays offer conventional reasons to celebrate, but there are many lesser-known, interesting days that could give you a unique connection with a valued client.

For example, July is National Ice Cream Month and December 21st is both the First Day of Winter and Crossword Puzzle Day! Know any clients who love ice cream or would enjoy a challenging crossword puzzle? Use any unique occasion to reach out, show your commitment, and build your business in the process.

For client connection ideas, look at the resources to the right.