Leave What You Want to Who You Want

You’ve worked hard for what you have, and now you want to pass it on to the ones you care for most. We can help you get started.

Review, Update, Repeat

Taking the time to create a will or establish a trust is a very good thing. Once it’s created though, don’t let it get out of date. To be truly effective, wills and trusts should be kept current. How best to keep your will and trust current? Well, you’ll need time. But time is often in short supply. So what to do? You need a document that lays out each of your policies and their beneficiaries. We’ve got just the thing. Complete the "Beneficiary Checklist" under "More Resources" on the right-hand side of the page and keep it with your important papers or in your filing system. Consider giving copies to a trusted friend or financial advisor.

Then, make it a habit to review the checklist and update it once or twice a year. The time you eventually save and the potential impact on your legacy can be amazing.

Remember, your financial advisor can play a valuable role as you consider this material. Their insights and expertise can help you make better decisions. Working with a financial advisor can be especially helpful after events like marriage or divorce, the birth of a baby, or planning for college. A good financial professional can help you meet your specific goals and help ensure that the legacy of your hard work goes to the ones you care about most.