The Important Role You Play

Are you among the many women who are counted on to be "all things to all people?" This may include raising a family, pursuing a career, and perhaps even caring for an aging parent. Having all these plates in the air at one time can be overwhelming—especially if you’re a single parent or recently divorced or widowed. No matter what your individual circumstances, having a financial plan in place can help you remain focused and achieve your goals.

Many women successfully build a career, household, and family. But managing their finances may have been moved to the back burner given other priorities. The first step to getting your financial house in order is developing a list of your specific financial goals. Each goal should state what you plan to accomplish, the cost, the time you’ll need to achieve it, and how to make your goal fit into your overall budget and life.

Action Steps

Taking charge of one's financial life can initially seem intimating. This is perfectly understandable given what's at stake. That's why many women choose to work with a trusted financial professional to help them develop a plan and stick with it through the years. We offer a number of tools to help women start on the path to financial independence. To learn more, call 800-MAINSTAY (624-6782).