For Women Investors: Your Life

You may not consider yourself to be the only – or even primary – financial player in your family. But did you know that most vacation, home improvement and car-buying decisions are made by women? Your life and your finances intersect in more areas than you might imagine.


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  • The Important Role You Play

    Are you among the many women who are counted on to be "all things to all people?" This may include raising a family, pursuing a career, and perhaps even caring for an aging parent. Having all these plates in the air at one time can be overwhelming—especially if you’re a single parent or recently divorced or widowed. No matter what your individual circumstances, having a financial plan in place can help you remain focused and achieve your goals.

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  • Your Challenges Are Your Opportunities

    Women face several special challenges when it comes to accumulating enough money for a secure retirement. Understanding these challenges can help you develop a financial plan that's tailored to your individual goals.

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  • Assemble a Team

    You may have already discovered the importance of working with a financial professional. As you move through the various stages of your life, remember that your financial professional is a valuable resource. But as your life changes, your goals may also change, which could trigger the need to reassess your choice of financial professional.

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  • What’s Your Life Stage?

    In addition to the common challenges facing most women, there are other issues you may encounter based on your particular stage in life. It’s important to understand common financial challenges you may experience during that time, and some of the opportunities available to help you overcome those challenges.

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