MacKay Shields


MacKay Shields believes solid performance is the result of both a consistent investment process and the interaction of its focused portfolio management teams. The firm offers a diverse roster of actively managed styles, and its investment teams cover the core fixed-income, high-yield, global and emerging markets, investment-grade, municipal, and convertible mandates. Each portfolio management team makes, and is completely accountable for, all decisions about security selection, weightings, and sector allocation. The teams regularly monitor adherence to investment strategy and guidelines, which ensures consistent and equal treatment for all portfolios with similar objectives.


Each of our investment strategies is managed by a veteran team of portfolio managers and analysts. Across market cycles, these teams have delivered solid investment returns through unique investment insights driven by bottom-up, credit-centric fundamental research, coupled with top-down macroeconomic analysis in certain strategies.


MacKay Shields’ history dates back to 1938, when we were founded as an economic consulting firm by Gilbert MacKay. As a registered investment advisor since 1969, the firm has been an adopter of new ideas in unsettled markets. This has been demonstrated by the firm’s ability to react to market changes through ongoing product evolution, enabling us to now offer clients a broad array of income-oriented investment strategies across the fixed-income spectrum.

Over the years, MacKay Shields has emerged as a growing player in the investment management business with a commitment to partnering with our clients to deliver tailored income-oriented investment solutions based on their goals and objectives. Our ability to adapt manager skill and strategies, as well as strategies that utilize asset allocation, is what separates us from others. We have the experience and history to demonstrate our long-term commitment to our investment approach, our clients and their portfolios, and our business.

Our rich history as an investment manager was recognized by New York Life Insurance Company, which acquired our firm in 1984. MacKay Shields operates and invests independently, which allows us to honor our core principles of maintaining a long-term perspective on the markets and what we believe is right for our clients.