Epoch Global Equity Yield Portfolio

Investment Overview

Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. ("Epoch") seeks to provide a high level of income by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of stocks with a history of attractive dividends and positive growth in free cash flow which may be used to pay future dividends.

Investment Process

Epoch utilizes an investment discipline that combines bottom-up stock research with top-down analysis. The investment team analyzes companies, regardless of domicile, based on in-house research, similar to the approach taken by private investors. They invest in businesses they understand, that meet their strict Free Cash Flow criteria, possess high dividend yields, and that can be purchased at an attractive price.

In determining the risk/reward profile of a company, Epoch may evaluate the sustainability of the company's business, the company's earnings drivers, barriers to entry for potential competitors, the quality and character of the company's cash earnings, and the likelihood of the company's management to use free cash flow to enhance shareholder value, among other factors. The portfolio is comprised of global stocks exhibiting strong free cash flow growth and providing for high dividend yields.