XBRL Filings for The MainStay Funds

The following Funds are a series of The MainStay Funds:
MainStay Common Stock Fund, MainStay Convertible Fund, MainStay Global High Income Fund, MainStay Government Fund, MainStay High Yield Corporate Bond Fund, MainStay Income Builder Fund, MainStay International Equity Fund, MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund, MainStay MAP Fund, MainStay Money Market Fund, MainStay Tax Free Bond Fund, MainStay Unconstrained Bond Fund

Prospectus dated February 29, 2016
Supplement dated March 24, 2016, for MainStay International Equity Fund
Supplement dated June 24, 2016, for MainStay Money Market Fund
Supplement dated August 16, 2016, for MainStay Money Market Fund
Supplement dated September 9, 2016, for MainStay Equity Funds, MainStay Income and Mixed Asset Funds, and MainStay Asset Allocation Funds
Supplement dated November 4, 2016, for all MainStay Funds
Supplement dated December 16, 2016, for MainStay Global High Income Fund and MainStay MAP Fund
Supplement dated January 9, 2017 for MainStay MAP Fund