• MainStay means High Yield

    Looking to generate income?

    MainStay offers a suite of highly rated,
    high-yield solutions.

  • Navigator Dispatch

    Polls, Profits, and P/Es

    This month's Navigator takes a look at the current polls for hints regarding who might win the White House come November.

  • MainStay Means Munis

    Mid-Year Update: Muni Market Insights

    MacKay Municipal Managers take a mid-year look at their "Top 5 Municipal Insights for 2016."

  • MainStay means: A Smart Core

    MainStay means: A Smart Core

    It’s time to review your core
    portfolio allocations.

  • Life Happens

    Life Happens

    Keep your money moving in the right direction.

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Investing for Life

  • Getting Started
  • Managing Your Money
  • Living in Retirement
  • Coping With Taxes

You've got everything ahead of you and a lot of investing to do. We can help.

You're "going places" and you like where you've been. We can help you manage your assets, so you end up where you want to be.

You've been there and done that. But are you ready for retirement? We can prepare you for the transition today.

You've heard the saying about "death and taxes." Well, our tools and funds might make investing a little less taxing.