• Two High Yield Solutions for Today's Market

    Looking for Highly Rated,
    High-Yield Solutions?

    Our high-yield solutions are managed
    by seasoned managers who know
    opportunity from risk.

  • Earnings, Elections, and Exits

    Earnings, Elections, and Exits

    Quarterly Navigator provides insights from MainStay and our boutiques, as well as current opportunities in today's market.

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  • MainStay Means Munis

    Five-Star Solutions
    Managed by Muni Experts

    Learn more about our highly rated high-yield, investment-grade, and state-specific municipal funds.

  • HFXI International exposure with a 50 percent currency hedge

    No One Can Predict Future Currency Movements

    Take the smart view of currency.

  • Tax Planning Should be a Year-Round Process

    Tax Planning Should be
    a Year-Round Process

    Just because you've filed your 2015 taxes, doesn't mean you should stop thinking about them.

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You've got everything ahead of you and a lot of investing to do. We can help.

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