• More than investing.

Investment and interest aren’t just finance terms, they’re relationship terms.

Through our long lasting focus and diverse boutique perspectives, we provide investment solutions that help our clients reach their goals.

  • Multiple boutique approach—Our multi-boutique approach offers diverse, independent thinking that translates to thoughtful solutions that seek to deliver client outcomes.
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  • Investment strategies—Our strategies span all asset classes delivering solutions across the risk spectrum to help meet investor needs.
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  • Let's redefine value add—We understand your challenges and the dynamics driving your practice. We offer more than another value-add program—it’s how we show you we’re invested.
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We operate in four continents with local partners, working with our clients every day and seeing the challenges through their eyes. We live in the same communities where their capital goes to work, sometimes investing alongside our clients because if the investment is right for them then it’s right for us. We are a global investment manager with over $500 billion in assets under management.1

Our Investment Managers

 MacKay Shields  Goldpoint Partners
 PA Capital logo  Candriam Investors Group  Ausbil  IndexIQ
 NYL Investors  Madison Capital Funding  Tristan Capital Partners

1. As of 9/30/2019. AUM includes assets of Investment Advisers affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company. AUM for Candriam and Ausbil is reported at the spot rate. AUM excludes Assets under Administration.