• Older man with younger child: Guarantees for your most important asset - your future

    Guarantees for your most important asset - your future.

New York Life Annuities

Our products are designed with you and your retirement goals in mind. Here, you'll find information about the retirement solutions New York Life offers.


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Income Annuities

More guaranteed income you can count on, no matter what. Create a "pension-like" stream of guaranteed income that lasts for life, or choose income that lasts as long as you need it. A guaranteed income annuity can help provide the guaranteed income your retirement deserves.

Fixed Deferred Annuities

Whether you're heading for retirement or you're already there, a fixed deferred annuity from New York Life can help you grow and protect your assets. The money in your fixed deferred annuity will grow tax deferred at a guaranteed fixed rate of interest, and it's not subject to the volatility of the stock market. With a fixed deferred annuity, you'll also have the ability to generate an income stream guaranteed to last your entire life.

Variable Annuities

To help build retirement assets and outpace inflation, many investors will need the kind of growth potential only the markets can provide. Like most variable annuities, the New York Life Premier Variable Annuity - FP Series can help grow assets for retirement while managing the effects of taxes, costs, and risks.