New Web Site, New Login! – Financial Professionals Only

In order to take advantage of our site’s great new features, financial professionals are required to complete a simple registration process to gain access. Site registration is required for both first-time users and returning financial professionals who previously had login credentials.

The reason for this requirement is the creation of additional site functionality, including:

  • Easier ways to manage your book of business
  • More information on training and appointment status
  • Expanded "new business" notifications
  • A new marketing literature ordering system
  • A quick username and password reset process

Registration is easy.

  1. Click the "Login" link under the "Financial Professionals" tab at the top-center of your browser.
  2. Enter the required personal information and click "Continue."
  3. Create a User name and Password and click "Continue."

That's it. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirming your new credentials. Enjoy the new site!