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Guaranteed Income Annuities

More Guaranteed Income to
Count on When You Need It to Count

A guaranteed income annuity from New York Life can help provide the guaranteed income your retirement deserves. You receive a "pension-like" guaranteed income stream for life.¹ Simply put, it’s more income you can count on no matter what.

Your Retirement. Your Income. Your Way.

More guaranteed income in retirement means more opportunities to live the lifestyle you want. That’s why a guaranteed income annuity from New York Life offers many ways to customize your income. So whether you’re heading toward retirement or already there, you can expect:

  • A guaranteed lifetime income stream that starts when you need it to.
  • Fixed income payments that are not subject to market ups and downs, backed by a company you know and trust.
  • The ability to adjust your income to meet current economic conditions.2
  • Additional features to access a portion of your money if you need it.3
  • Income covering the lives of one or two people.
  • Potential legacy options for your beneficiaries.

How Guaranteed Annuities Work

A guaranteed income annuity provides you with a worry-free stream of guaranteed income. You can purchase an annuity before or after you retire. The money in your annuity—which you contribute as a lump sum or in a series of payments, depending on the policy you choose—generates a stream of income paid out to you for life. The amount of income you receive depends on several factors, including your age, gender, premium amount, interest rates in effect, and your chosen payout option.

New York Life offers several guaranteed income annuities to match your needs. Depending on the one you purchase, you can begin receiving income immediately, or as far out as 40 years.2 Once it starts, this income will last your entire life.

It’s your money, so you have some additional access to it as well. And you can further optimize your guaranteed income by adding additional features to your annuity. Ask your representative for information on all the guaranteed income annuities we offer.

Why Choose New York Life?

New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation and its parent, New York Life Insurance Company, have always been in the business of serving people and preserving their dreams. Along the way, financial strength and responsibility have seen us through all the ups and downs of the market. Not only are we fiscally responsible partners, we’re a company that cares—made up of people who are a lot like you. We know what’s at stake and we’re determined to help our customers make their money last—today, tomorrow, and decades from now.

So How Do I Get Started?

You’re already on your way. Contact your representative to take the next step and ask for a fact sheet on any product you’re considering. Keep in mind that New York Life does not provide tax or legal advice—it’s important to consult your own tax or legal advisors for questions in those areas.

  1. For most jurisdictions, the policy form number for the New York Life Guaranteed Future Income Annuity II is ICC11-P101 (it may be 211-P101). State variations may apply. For most jurisdictions, the policy form number for the New York Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity II is ICC11-P103 (it may be 211-P103).State variations may apply. Products available in jurisdictions where approved. New York Life Guaranteed Lifetime and New York Life Guaranteed Future Income Annuities are issued by New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (NYLIAC).  A wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of NYLIAC.
  2. Restrictions and limitations may apply. Options available at issue may vary.
  3. Policy owner must be at least age 59½. Other restrictions, limitations, taxes and penalties may apply. A Guaranteed Future Income (GFI) does not allow for liquidity during the deferral period.

This material is general in nature and is being provided for informational purposes only. It was not prepared, and is not intended, to address the needs, circumstances and/or objectives of any specific individual or group of individuals. New York Life and its affiliates are not making a recommendation to purchase any specific products. For advice regarding your personal circumstances, you should consult with your own independent financial and tax advisors.

These contracts have no cash surrender value and contracts in which a Life Only payout option is selected do not provide a death benefit either prior to, or after, the designated income start date. All guarantees are subject to contract terms, exclusions and limitations, and the claims-paying ability of NYLIAC. Additionally, the Guaranteed Future Income Annuity contract does not permit withdrawals prior to the income start date, and guarantees income payments at least as long as the annuitant is living, provided the annuitant is alive on the designated income start date.