• Learn and plan today, make better decisions for tomorrow

    Learn and plan today, make better decisions for tomorrow.

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Planning for retirement doesn't have to be hard.  The tools and resources below will help you learn what you need to know so you can plan for a fulfilling retirement.


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Retirement Income Insights

We have taken the business of understanding the retirement market seriously. It’s this dedication to the retirement income market that has secured us a spot as the top guaranteed lifetime income provider for the last decade*, and as a thought leader in the industry. It’s also what makes us so uniquely positioned to be a trusted advisor for retirement going forward.

Discover our top insights about the retirement market.

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Retirement Challenges

You worked through every scenario that retirement could throw at you. You diversified your portfolio. You saved and saved and saved some more.  Now all that’s left is to tap that nest egg and turn your assets into a stream of income that can provide the retirement you’ve always wanted. Isn't that what a sound retirement strategy is about?

The problem is, without guarantees, this stream of retirement income can face the risk of running out, or diminishing in value due to common challenges that every retiree needs to be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of these challenges.

Retirement Solutions

Learn more about how our fixed deferred annuities can help you grow and protect your retirement assets, and how our guaranteed income annuities can help you create a secure income stream in retirement.


No matter what your financial goals may be, the important first step to plan is careful preparation. Our tools can help you understand the challenges you will face as you invest, budget, and plan for retirement.

*Source: LIMRA, based on SPIA and DIA sales