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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I obtain an illustration?

    There is an "Illustrations" link on the home page in the grey area on the right hand side. You may also click here. If your firm does not run their own illustrations you can contact the New York Life Sales Desk at 1-888-474-7725.

  • How do I report a death of an owner or annuitiant?

    Contact the NYL Annuity Service Center upon the death of an owner or annuitant. Provide the date of death and Beneficiary contact information if available. You can download a kit with instructions, or request it when contacting the Service Center.

  • How do I change a social security number that is written incorrectly on an application?

    You can submit a letter notifying New York Life of the change signed by the client with a copy of the client's Social Security card. The client can also submit a completed IRS form W-9, which can be downloaded at www.irs.gov, or you may contact the New York Life Service Center at 1-800-762-6212.

  • What will the Telephone/Web Authorization allow me to do?

    The Telephone/Web Authorization allows you to request certain transactions, such as partial distributions/withdrawals over the phone or through the Book of Business link that is located on the home page, right hand side. Your client must complete the Telephone/Web Authorization form giving you the ability to request transactions on their policy.

  • What is the general rule for licensing and jurisdiction?

    You must always be licensed and appointed in the state where the application was signed (state of solicitation). The application must be for the state of the individual owner's state of residence or annuitant's state of residence (state of issue) for entity owned policies.

    However, if the state of solicitation and state of issue are different, the state of issue (owner's state of residence or annuitant's state of residence) may require you to be licensed in both the state of solicitation and the state of issue.